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Yoga BodySpirit (Biel/Bienne)

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Über uns

Manuela Nay Pflugi - Dipl. Yoga therapist SYZ

My yoga classes live from a colorful fusion of energizing, energizing but also relaxing, meditative yoga moments depending on the lunar cycle and elements. Accompanied by sensual scents and inspiring sounds, my yoga classes make your refueling station for body, mind and soul. My training as a yoga therapist allows me to respond individually to your current needs.

Diving into the world of yoga began for me 25 years ago with my training in powerI began to immerse myself in the world of yoga 25 years ago with my training as a Power Yoga instructor. I quickly realized that yoga does not only take place on the mat, but challenges and promotes both body and mind and thus creates a balance to the fast-moving profession.

It is a great pleasure for me to be able to pass the wonderful effects of yoga on to other people. For me, yoga means being mindful and present in life, accepting changes and learning to trust. To develop your own personality and to be loving towards yourself and all beings.

Each person consciously chooses his everyday reality as his spiritual field of practice, without foregoing anything, but by accepting the world completely as it is, without distinction, without separation. It's about getting in deep contact with your emotions, your thoughts, your physical sensations.


Faszien Yoga
Power Yoga
Vinyasa Yoga
Yin Yoga


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Preise pro Stunde ab CHF 20.-



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Yoga BodySpirit

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    Ring 12
    2502 Biel/Bienne

  • Manuela Nay Pflugi

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Yoga BodySpirit wurde mit 5 von 5 Sternen bewertet
1 Bewertungen

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Yoga BodySpirit wurde mit 5 von 5 Sternen bewertet
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